Folding Mountain Bikes for Sale

Montague mountain bike

Cycling is the sport of 2017. With more cycling events, more competitions and more coverage, we’re seeing increasing numbers of people getting out onto the cycle paths to enjoy the benefits of cycling.

For those who commute to work and only use a bike occasionally, you’ll probably be used to a road bike. For those of us who love to go exploring on our bikes we know the massive benefits of owning a mountain bike.

Mountain bikes are built to be used on rough terrain. Whether it’s a dirt road or up a mountain, these bikes are sturdy and reliable. It’s a combination of materials used and advancing technology that has allowed mountain bikes to be more useful than ever and stand up to some real punishment.

Mountain bikes traditionally were heavy and cumbersome. This was to be expected with heavy duty tyres and thick frames that can be used on all surfaces. Over the years advances in materials and manufacturing techniques has allowed the mountain bike to retain more speed, with lighter and smaller bikes that can still perform.

Folding mountain bikes are the latest development of bikes with work great and fit in with everyday life perfectly.

Folding Mountain Bikes

The concept of a folding bike is very simple, a bike that folds in half and unfolds when you want to use it. The folding road bike has been around for some time, but now folding mountain bikes are changing the game.

Folding bikes have several key benefits. Primarily they’re light and easily transportable. This means you can pick them up and carry them when occasion calls for it without any difficulty.

Folding bikes are also much more secure. Because of their ability to fold over you no longer need to leave them outside chained up. Bike theft is one of the most common crimes in the world so this lets you take your bike in with you when you’re finished cycling.

Similarly they’re perfect for those with flats or small homes. You might not have a garage or storage space, but a folding bike can slot simply into a range of places and not take up a whole room.

One of the best features of folding bikes is their transportable nature. If you love to travel or get out of town and see the world then folding bikes are perfect. They fit easily into cars, can be taken on trains and buses or even flown overseas. Mountain bikes are for those who love to go off road and see what’s out there, folding mountain bikes let you get there easily.

Choosing the Best Folding Mountain Bike

Folding mountain bikes are becoming really popular and there’s a lot of choice out there. It’s definitely worth shopping around to find the best deals and best bikes.

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Folding mountain bikes are changing the game for cyclists who love the adventure. You can do a lot more plus it’s easier. Get involved today and explore the benefits of folding mountain bikes: